At last, your favorite M&M'S are all together in one bag. Hopefully, you’re more excited about this new product launch than they are. Introducing all-new M&M's Mix.

RUN: Do you think we can breakout of this bag? 

FREAKING OUT: Yeah, maybe taking a deep breathe inside a bag wasn’t the best idea.

DANCE PARTY: It makes sense that dance parties inside a bag of M&M’S Mix aren’t as fun as we thought. 

JUMP ROPE: Who knew Yellow was so into Jump Rope?

ROCK PAPER SCIRRORS:There’s a reason Red has never lost a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

HIDE & SEEK: After 24 rounds, Hide & Seek doesn’t look so fun – unless you’re Yellow.

We even created M&M’s first-ever AR print ad to show you what’s going on inside the bag of M&M’s Mix, along with a Snap lens that actually brings your eyes inside the bag too.


And because every new product also needs a product-focused spot.

More to come.