Snickers Hungry Skies  

Viral outbursts. Exotic emotional support animals. Duct tapes passengers. Maybe flyers have lost their minds. Or, maybe they’re just hungry.

6 Million crazy passengers fly each day, making airplanes the single most out-of-sorts place. As a brand that remedies these moments, Snickers came to the rescue for the group of people who need it most: Flight Attendants. Welcome to the Hungry Skies. 

Launching a flight attendant sponsorship program with real Cabin Control Kits so they can handle the craziest passengers 36K feet in the air.

And for those who end up flying without a Snickers, we created mid-Flight Meditations, the next best thing to eating an actual Snickers. 

And created a simple reminder to British Airways that flying isn't always as great as it seems.